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healing experience

What is therapy? It's something nobody wants! But once you go, you listen and accept everything they say to you. You're talking to someone you don't know and who doesn't know you either. 

However, you won't allow this same listening, compassion, and understanding to be given and/or received by your partner. 

We are willing to accept listening to others more than our partners. WHY? Because we are unwilling to communicate with each other. We choose to communicate differently based on how we deal with the situation at hand. 


Why do we accept more from the external people in our lives than the people we love and live with? We fight with them instead of helping, devaluing our loved ones through anger and hurt. 


Our responses to our situations are based on what we choose to value. When our situation devalues the person we are with, respect and trust in our relationships are compromised. Therefore, our responses to our situation eventually will result in leaving both parties feeling unworthy. HOWEVER! BATTLING THE WARS INSIDE YOURSELF WILL CHANGE THE WORLD YOU LIVE IN.

Let's Talk It Out!

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