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You are still questioning the facts because you haven't had a real conversation with a corporate, hood and spiritual dude like me.  A man who has hurt people, but can help them heal. I have lied, cheated, been manipulative, and selfish all for my own benefit. ALL of the same things happened to me as a man too! I've grown up, matured, and can honestly respond to help women understand what men are thinking and men understand what woman are thinking to help you take your relationship with Humanity to the next level. 


I have learned how to honestly respond to anyone on a variety of topics and situations because I've LIVED THAT LIFE! YOU KNOW WHAT I FOUND OUT....."I DON'T WANNA FIGHT ANYMORE!" I will help you learn about you and your situation in a way that will get you to listen, begin to see your self with anticipation and a newfound logic of reflection and aspiration for yourself. I know exactly what it's like to be strengthen what remains


I am the "Prodigal Son"! Restoration has come back into my life because of God's Grace. In spite of all I've done, faults and flaws, God still sees a reason to keep me around and use me for His glory.

You want an authentic sincere reaction and response, then I'm the man you will listen to!

"I didn't really like the "old me" But Man do I love the NEW ME!" ...

-Kauri Mowll PMP, PMI-ACP, ITIL, ARRT, PCC, MBCT, M. Inst. LM

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