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Men's Mental Health Conference


  • Introduction: Welcome to "The Bible of A Superman," an event dedicated to fostering mental and physical wellness among men, hosted by Kauri's Corner. This conference is designed to explore and enhance the intersection of mental and physical health.

  • Vision: Our goal is to empower participants with the knowledge, community support, and practical tools necessary for maintaining mental health and overall well-being.

Conference Schedule

  • Dates: June 17 - June 28, 2024.

  • Overview: Engage in a variety of activities including keynote speeches, interactive workshops, and panel discussions aimed at promoting mental health awareness and action.

Two-Week Workout Program

  • Objective: To integrate physical health as a component of mental wellness.

  • Details:

    • Strength Days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday): Sessions include exercises like push-ups, squats, planks, and more. These are designed to increase strength and enhance mental focus.

    • Cardio Days (Tuesday, Thursday): Includes activities such as brisk walking or cycling, aiming to boost cardiovascular health and mental stamina.

    • Recovery Day (Saturday): Focuses on yoga and stretching to help the body and mind recover.

    • Rest Day (Sunday): Encouraged to take full rest, allowing for mental and physical recuperation.

    • Recording Requirement: Participants are required to record their workout sessions and upload the videos to the designated Teams channel. This will help in sharing best practices and motivating fellow attendees.

    • Proof of Workout: Participants must provide documented proof of their workouts via the Teams platform. This documentation ensures accountability and encourages consistent participation.

    • Participant Guidance: All fitness activities are structured to be inclusive, catering to varying levels of fitness and mobility.

Rules of Engagement

  • Respect and Confidentiality: All participants are expected to respect personal experiences shared during the conference and maintain confidentiality.

  • Inclusive Participation: Encouragement of active and respectful participation in all scheduled events and sessions.

  • Feedback Encouraged: Participants are invited to provide feedback to help improve future conferences.

  • No Social Media Use: Participants are prohibited from using social media during the conference timeframe. This ensures full engagement and privacy. All participants must provide their social media account names before Day 1.

Health and Safety Guidelines

  • Emergency Information: Detailed emergency protocols and contact information for immediate assistance.

Resource Compilation

  • Mental Health Support: A curated list of professional resources and networks for mental health support.

  • Educational Materials: Suggested readings and resources on men's mental health.

  • Fitness Recommendations: Guidance on maintaining physical health post-conference and details on local fitness resources.

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